PLC programming is the core area of our Work. We write software for Step 5, Step 7, TIA Portal (including Safety) and Logo ranges of PLC from Siemens. We work on the principle that the PLC software should be accessible to a suitably trained maintenance operative. To this end we write software in a structured manner with full documentation and, as far as is possible, in Ladder format.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Some of our applications include HMIs. Siemens produce a wide range of HMI systems for all solutions. We have experience of Siemens HMI systems both old (Protool) and new (WinCC) for the display of the Diagnostics Data, Process Overview and Data Entry. We can also integrate other manufactures of HMIs including BEIJER/LAUER and MOVICON.


Most systems require communication paths to associated systems and to HMI or SCADA systems. We have wide experience in implementing communication systems.