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Cobot Scanning Cells

Historic Environment Scotland, Edinburgh (21st June 2021)

We've just installed 5 of our Cobot Scanning Cells in a purpose built 'Clean' room

The goal of the task is to reduce a manual task from 10+years to an estimated sub 2.5years

All of the work cells have been designed in-house, with the cell its self being manufactured by Facteq of Ireland.

Once final commissioning has taken place, the operation will be a 24/7, true "Lights-Out" operation.

From the initial concept, this project has grown into a fully functional, fully automated and well engineered product.

Due to various NDA's involved, we can't tell you what its scanning, just that it is scanning.

The whole work cell, including the Sawyer Cobot, Two scanners, Two PC's, the PLC control cabinet and the silent compressor consumes an economical 2.4kWh (less than your average kettle).

Watch out for the next update during and after commissioning…

In the meantime, here are some photos...