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Doosan Cobot Palletising

Skiny Tonic Canning Line (26th July 2021)

We've just installed a Doosan Robotics H2017 supplied by Peter McCullough of Mills CNC, mounted on a Ewellix lift in an EasyRobotics ApS body

We will be palletising at 20,000+ containers per hour which equates to a per pack cycle time of 4.2secs.

We will be double picking packs to achieve the per pack cycle time but this gives us a total load weight of 14.4kg.

We have designed the Cobot Palletiser to have ZERO downtime for pallet exchange. So, when one pallet is full, the system automatically starts palletising the empty pallet.

The full pallet can be removed and exchanged with an empty pallet without the Cobot Palletiser stopping.

Due to the high load weight and operational speed of the Cobot, and after conducting an initial Risk Assessment, we decided that additional fixed guarding would be necessary alongside the four LiDar sensors.

Even with the extra fixed guarding, the palletiser occupies only 3m2 and consumes an economical 2.4kWh (less than your average kettle).

Watch out for the next update during and after commissioning…

In the meantime, here are some photos...