POC Simulation


POC Simulation

Just like reading a good book, we all use our own imagination to conjure up the scenes. But we all imagine different things.

In the same way, when a POC document is drafted, the interpretation can be different from person to person.

This is why when we do a POC, we make a video simulation. You get to see exactly how we have interpreted your requirements.

Have a look at any of the example videos below.

Our Collaboration with you.

Throughout the whole process we will be working with you. We can help you with...

Feasibility studies : POC (Proof of Concept) : Simulations : Risk Assessments : End of Arm Tooling Design : Establishing ROI (Return On Investment) : CE Marking : Training : Technical Support


You give us your idea of what you want to achieve and we’ll give you...

A full solution, not just the Cobot or the integration or the design of the EOAT but the FULL package, with you involved at every stage from concept to completion.