Integration definition:

The action or process of combining two or more things in an effective way:

At CBM-Logix Ltd we have a very experienced team of integrators.

Because of our wealth of experience across many different manufacturing process we don’t just look at the project in hand but also the wider picture of how the project may impact on other equipment.

Integration is not just confined to mechanical, electrical or software but can also include systems.

Throughout the businesses life, we have worked on all aspects of integration. From -

- Installing new machines.

- Developing communication code so that machines to talk with each other.

- Adding HMI control and visualisation to existing machinery/operations.

- Developing software so ‘Shop Floor’ machines can communicate directly to SAP for the automatic re-ordering of raw materials.

- Developing and installing systems that gives a live over-view of line/machine performance.

The team are very experienced with a multitude of different disciplines including mechanical, electrical and software.

Successful integration is one of the KEYSTONES of a project, yet one that is sometimes overlooked.

We are always up for, and looking for, a challenge.