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At CBM-Logix, we understand the rapidly evolving landscape of business operations and the importance of maximising machine availability and efficiencies to stay competitive. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your automation needs.

Automation is – and has always been – the core of our business. Our dedicated team is comprised of skilled engineers drawn from various technical disciplines and industries, each bringing a different perspective to design and implementation of automated solutions. From simple modifications to existing processes, through to the design and programming of complex control systems and visualisation. We work closely with our customers to create solutions that benefit and improve their system efficiencies and profitability.

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PLC programming is our bread and butter, with many years of experience between us in this field. Our programming experience includes (but is not limited to) STEP 5, STEP 7, TIA Portal and LOGO from Siemens, RS Logix 5, RS Logix 500 and RS Logix 5000 from Rockwell Automation, as well as Mitsubishi GX Works and Omron CXOne. We believe that PLC software should be written in such a way that any trained engineer can easily read and understand the logic. To this end, we always write using ladder logic wherever possible and ensure all code is fully commented, with tag and I/O symbols named and commented clearly and appropriately.

Going hand-in-hand with many PLC systems are Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). At CBM-Logix we have experience in programming HMIs from various manufacturers: Siemens, Rockwell, ProFace and Red Lion amongst others. We retain older HMI programming packages such as Siemens ProTool, WinCC Flex 2008 and Rockwell PanelBuilder too, which allows us to modify and add functionality to older systems, where customers may not have the budget to upgrade to newer HMIs or prefer to keep a proven solution in place for operator familiarity, for example.

Most systems require communication paths to associated systems and to HMI or SCADA systems. We have wide experience in implementing communication systems.

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Free Quotation

At CBM-Logix we have always preferred to provide free, fixed-price quotations, to prevent any nasty surprises for our customers. Following any initial enquiry and depending on the size and scope of the project, we also like to have an initial meeting to discuss the work and gather the information we need to provide a quotation that suits all parties. In regards to machine building or robotic projects, we also create 3D models and simulations to go alongside our quotations.

Detailed survey, design, build and test

Upon receipt of an order and commencement of a project, we like to carry out a detailed site survey to confirm project scope, check installation locations, collect relevant drawings and software, and just get a feel for the job to be done. This often shows up things that are trivial when addressed early on, but which could cause headaches at installation time. The design, building and testing of anything in a project is an iterative process, repeated several times to ensure we reach a robust final design and product. Initial designs will lead to a prototype, which is built and tested to identify areas for improvement. Software design follows a similar philosophy, with regular simulation of new code during the writing process enabling errors to be trapped and rectified. Regardless of the project, we encourage the customer to witness any final testing if appropriate, to spot final issues and gain confidence in a swift and smooth installation.

Installation and commissioning

By the time we reach the installation and commissioning phase of a project, we like to be confident in our solution, backed up by extensive development testing. We pride ourselves in a high standard of work, ensuring tidy installations and a clean and safe working area. We understand the fast-moving consumer goods industry and as such, always work to minimise downtime for the customer, whether that is by extensive preparation work ahead of any shutdowns or fitting the work in to least disrupt the customer. Successful commissioning is key to customer confidence, and at CBM-Logix we will never walk away from a project or invoice it fully until the customer is satisfied, however long that may take.

Ongoing support

Despite our best efforts, sometimes issues will crop up following a project completion. That doesn’t mean we ignore them; we will continue to work with the customer to resolve any problems and ensure continued satisfaction and confidence with the supplied solution. In addition to face-to-face support, we can also supply remote access solutions, which can be separate from customer networks if required, but which allow us to connect remotely to enable rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting of a problem.

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Machine manuals and supportTraining you on how to operate your new automation system

We’ll always be on hand when you need technical support and assistance, but by training you how to use and operate the system, we can prevent most issues from occurring all together.

After the installation is finished, you will receive a manual that provides instructions for operating the new system, along with maintenance procedures and a list of spare parts. Additionally, our team will conduct training sessions for operators and line managers to demonstrate how to use the system effectively and refer to the manual for any questions.

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