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technical support for robots and cobots

CBM LOGIXTechnical support for robotics and automation solutions

We have an excellent history in providing Automated Solutions, HMI Solutions and Communication connectivity

As part of our core businesses values, for every project we carry out we supply technical support to all our customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s at the beginning of the project cycle or at the end. We are always there to help. Even years after the completion of a project, we have been asked for Technical Help, and we have provided it. Once a project is started, we never leave it, no matter how many years afterwards.

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Our support process

Initiate support effortlessly. Contact us, and our team will promptly guide you through a seamless resolution process, ensuring your concerns are addressed with efficiency and care.

Efficient fault finding, whether on-site or remotely, is integral to our support approach. Our dedicated team swiftly identifies issues, providing effective solutions to ensure your system is back up and running smoothly

From problem to problem solved, trust us to efficiently integrate tailored solutions to fix your issues. 

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Always embracing new challengesTraining you on how to operate your new automation system

We’ll always be on hand when you need technical support and assistance, but by training you how to use and operate the system,we can help you save on external costs.

We understand the importance of a seamless transition to new machinery or robotic systems. Through our training and support, we focus on equipping you with the practical skills needed to efficiently operate and manage the equipment. From using the control interface to understanding maintenance basics, our hands-on training ensures you feel confident and in control. By investing in your proficiency, we aim to minimize downtime, enhance productivity, and contribute to the long-term success of your operations. 

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