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Cobots & Robots

ROBOTS + COBOTS IN MANUFACTURINGCobots and robots for manufacturing and automation

cobots and robots for manufacturing and automation

Cobots (collaborative robots) and traditional robots are pivotal components of modern manufacturing, offering automation solutions that significantly impact production processes.

Cobots, in particular, are designed to collaborate with human workers, bridging the gap between automation and human interaction. These robots can be employed in tasks that require precision, repetitiveness, or safety concerns, such as assembly line operations, material handling, and quality control. Traditional robots, on the other hand, excel in highly repetitive, heavy-duty tasks like welding, painting, and packaging. By taking on these roles, cobots and robots enhance manufacturing efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, and boost productivity. In today’s manufacturing landscape, they are indispensable tools for optimizing operations and maintaining a competitive edge.

Robot and Cobot applications we offer:

Manufacturers we work with

doosan robotics
universal robotics
Mitsubishi Electric

MANUFACTURINGRobots for industrial automation

Industrial robots offer a multitude of benefits in manufacturing and industry, including enhanced efficiency, consistent quality, and increased productivity. They excel in tasks that are repetitive, hazardous, or require precision, reducing the risk of errors and workplace accidents. Robots also contribute to cost savings through reduced labor requirements and faster production cycles. Moreover, they can operate 24/7, allowing for continuous production, and their flexibility to adapt to various tasks and applications makes them invaluable tools for staying competitive in today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape.

Examples of industries our robots can be used:

Doosan Cobot H2017

Food Robots and Cobots for sterile environments

Robots in food factories streamline production, ensuring consistency, precision, and hygiene while meeting high demand in the food industry.

Robots play a pivotal role in revolutionizing food manufacturing by offering a range of benefits. In food factories, where strict quality and hygiene standards are paramount, robots ensure consistency and precision in tasks such as sorting, packaging, and quality control. They significantly reduce the risk of contamination and improve food safety. Moreover, these automation solutions enhance operational efficiency, allowing food factories to meet the high demand for various products while keeping production costs in check. By taking on repetitive, labor-intensive tasks, robots free up human workers to focus on more complex and creative aspects of food production, ultimately contributing to increased output and product quality in the ever-evolving and competitive food industry.

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Enquiry Process


Free quotation

At CBM-Logix we have always preferred to provide free, fixed-price quotations, to prevent any nasty surprises for our customers. Following any initial enquiry and depending on the size and scope of the project, we also like to have an initial meeting to discuss the work and gather the information we need to provide a quotation that suits all parties. In regards to machine building or robotic projects, we also create 3D models and simulations to go alongside our quotations.

Detailed survey, design, build and test

Upon receipt of an order and commencement of a project, we like to carry out a detailed site survey to confirm project scope, check installation locations, collect relevant drawings and software, and just get a feel for the job to be done. This often shows up things that are trivial when addressed early on, but which could cause headaches at installation time. The design, building and testing of anything in a project is an iterative process, repeated several times to ensure we reach a robust final design and product. Initial designs will lead to a prototype, which is built and tested to identify areas for improvement. Software design follows a similar philosophy, with regular simulation of new code during the writing process enabling errors to be trapped and rectified. Regardless of the project, we encourage the customer to witness any final testing if appropriate, to spot final issues and gain confidence in a swift and smooth installation.

Installation and commissioning

By the time we reach the installation and commissioning phase of a project, we like to be confident in our solution, backed up by extensive development testing. We pride ourselves in a high standard of work, ensuring tidy installations and a clean and safe working area. We understand the fast-moving consumer goods industry and as such, always work to minimise downtime for the customer, whether that is by extensive preparation work ahead of any shutdowns or fitting the work in to least disrupt the customer. Successful commissioning is key to customer confidence, and at CBM-Logix we will never walk away from a project or invoice it fully until the customer is satisfied, however long that may take.

Ongoing support

Despite our best efforts, sometimes issues will crop up following a project completion. That doesn’t mean we ignore them; we will continue to work with the customer to resolve any problems and ensure continued satisfaction and confidence with the supplied solution. In addition to face-to-face support, we can also supply remote access solutions, which can be separate from customer networks if required, but which allow us to connect remotely to enable rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting of a problem.