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1.7 Million Scans Completed by Collaborative Robots

Cobot Scans 1,700,000 Photos

🎉 1,700,000 scans completed 🎉

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We’re celebrating a major milestone this week: The collaborative robots in Edinburgh completed their last scan in National Collection of Aerial Photography’s DOS project which consisted of almost 1.7 million 9×9 inch prints. If you laid these out end-to-end in a line, the distance would be around 240 miles! Coincidently, this is the distance from CBM-Logix Ltd’s office in Doncaster to NCAP in Edinburgh!
We also calculated that the FAAC UK LTD gate openers that are operating the lids, have each ran for the equivalent of over 80 years worth of standard daily use, based on operating 4 times a day. Impressive numbers all-round!

We want to thank and congratulate all the team at NCAP for their great work in achieving this alongside us, and we look forward to working with them on their next project.