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Cobot Scans 1,700,000 Photos

1.7 Million Scans Completed by Collaborative Robots

🎉 1,700,000 scans completed 🎉 View the video on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/cbm-logix-ltd…/ We’re celebrating a major milestone this week: The collaborative robots in Edinburgh completed their last scan in National Collection of Aerial Photography’s DOS project which consisted of almost 1.7 million…

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Staublli Partnership Parmley Graham

Stäubli Robotics Partnership with Parmley Graham

Stäubli Robotics Partnership with Parmley Graham Parmley Graham and our Project Engineer Adam Slater were privileged to be invited along to spend a productive 3 days at STÄUBLI Robotics last week. We got hands-on with the robots and received in-depth insights…

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Doosan Cobot H2017 Front View

Doosan Cobot Palletising – H2017

We’ve just installed a Doosan Robotics H2017 supplied by Mills CNC, mounted on a Ewellix lift in an EasyRobotics body. This installation will be palletising at 20,000+ containers per hour which equates to a per pack cycle time of 4.2 seconds….

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