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We have moved! CBM-Logix unveils New Premises and New Branding

CBM-Logix, Doncaster Outside View with Sign
We are thrilled to announce the successful relocation to our new premises. The move marks a significant milestone for the company, reflecting its commitment to growth, innovation, and enhanced operational capabilities. In conjunction with the relocation, we are proud to reveal our refreshed branding and logo, embodying the evolution and forward momentum of CBM-Logix. The new visual identity reflects the company’s commitment to innovation, modernity, and a dynamic future. The sleek design and vibrant colour palette bring a modern touch to our modern approach to business. Entering our new premises, the refreshed branding acts as a visual embodiment of the company’s transition into the next chapter of its future. We look forward to showcasing our new brand identity as we embark on this exciting journey in our enhanced workspace. The new premises, located in Doncaster, boasts an improved office area and expanded workspace to accommodate the growth of the company. The move aligns with CBM-Logix’s vision to create a dynamic and inspiring work environment, fostering collaboration and creativity among its employees.
10a Shaw Lane Industrial Estate
Ogden Rd
South Yorkshire
As we bid farewell to our previous location, it’s worth reflecting on the remarkable projects and achievements we achieved over there. From small to big projects, our team has showcased unparalleled expertise and dedication, but we have ultimately out-grown our old unit, and the move was long overdue.
CBM-Logix old unit in Knottingley
CBM-Logix old unit in Knottingley
The new premises symbolise not just a physical expansion but a testament to the lessons learned and improvements made throughout the years. The upgraded facilities will empower our team to push boundaries, explore new horizons, and continue delivering excellence in Automation, Integration and Robotics. We express our gratitude to our clients, partners, and dedicated team members for their unwavering support. The journey ahead is filled with exciting possibilities, and CBM-Logix is eager to embark on this new chapter in our enhanced space.